I personally think they were planted . I , as an American, feel that nothing should be classified. Nothing should be hidden. Those that put legislators in office should know potential dangers, threats or investigation that affect our country. They represent the people and we need to know what's going on.

@JuneCKelley: I sent you a request and did you got? I want us to talk about more politics.

@JuneCKelley: only cia operatives should be classified .

@JuneCKelley: Mike Pence admitted that he put these documents in his attic when he left the Whitehouse & then he forgot about them until he went back into his attic fir something else & remembered that he took them to his house.

@jamessteven: I'm terribly sorry but my phone went dead and I completely lost you. Politics egh?

@BruceEppard: we all forget when we get older.

@JuneCKelley: It's alright. I will sent you a message right now.