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Beloud is an app designed to provide users with a safe space where they can discuss news openly and without any censorship
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Join 23 millions users from all over the globe and all the nationalities and be able to voice your opinion regarding social, political, financial and many more issues that matter to the human race. Be loud, be better..
About us

What is Beloud

Beloud is a news social network app that was founded with the intention of bringing communities together and connecting individuals over the stories they share. The goal behind Beloud is to provide a space where individuals can read and share news that is relevant to them and their communities..
About us

Beloud's mission

Beloud was and still dedicating significant effort and resources towards creating a congenial environment in which diverse news, social engagement, and unrestricted expression are deeply valued.
About us

Beloud's vision

Beloud’s vision is to establish a widely accessible news social network that is universally recognized as the premier source for all breaking news, while simultaneously providing a space for users to express their thoughts freely..

Beloud’s values

Beloud puts pride into the following core and unbreakable values:
User first
Beloud’s #1 focus will always be on providing the best user-experience possible at all costs.
Mutual Respect
Mutual respect is our currency, and we believe in its power.
Beloud is the trusted and leading source of news and up-to-the-minute reporting.
Accountability is the word that most of our audience use to define Beloud.
Beloud the destination for original, unbiased, and investigative journalism undisputed.
Freedom of speech
Beloud offers you the option of inserting several RSS feeds from other sources.

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