This was a very uncalled for of a mass shooting by a gunman went inside of a convenience store on Tuesday morning and killed 3 people and took away his own life by committing suicide.The suspect is identified as a 21 year old young man name name Jared Haddock. He began randomly shooting at people shortly after he entered inside of The Circle K Convenience Store at around 3:30am in the morning. 2 teenage students were killed in a gang related shooting At A Des Moines High School. The suspect is in custody and a reporter said that Haddock confessed to the shootings and told his mother that he plan to commit suicide. The caller led the police to A Target Store where they found Haddock dead from a self inflicted gun shot wound. The investigators said that the suspect had not been involved in any conflict at the store before opening fire at the people shopping inside of the store. They had described it as a deadly mass shooting as a random deaths by murder. Maybe it could be symptoms if mental illness or anxiety of depression. These mass shooters need to be treated and see a doctor. They should not allow them to go and do more violent mass shootings.It is getting way out of control. John Humbles.