I'm not too close to Donald Trump I used to talk to him at all the time make sure everything else I myself not going to sit and come down because I think it's a very very intelligent man and don't matter if you agree with me that's your opinion just like Biden same thing they would follow me around the newspaper and they will do things talk about my topics that's why I talk about it so they can address them some people realize what I'm talking about I'm talking about this temperature outside is ice cold this homeless people out there that need a home now not next month not two years from now now I don't see no movement my inheritance was stolen I had no money to work with money that was given to me was stolen and it would have been invested into this cuz that's what I told the people that passed the many people that were giving me money I told them I'm going to invest it into animals and that's why they selected me to get the portion that they wanted me to have but some people think they're entitled I don't even own a car I don't have a heater and I'm not investing in another heater because they're going to steal it what I use for heaters the hair dryer it works perfect was $200 why is that cuz I put lights in everyone so that way it gets me a little bit of heat and also people don't know if I'm home or not unless they stand and look in my window which has been a problem with a lot of people coming into this location they're violating the law and they just come over here and keep peeking through windows and some of them are residents and bursting sewage parts letting it drain everywhere why do I have to buy a new sewage pie but it was nothing wrong with him to start with then everybody should be concerned it's a hepatitis situation when I do laundry I use bleach but that's bleach do with mold this place that had mold problems way before they're starting when the weather turns better then I'm going to have to correct this correctly for right now I have to do what I got to do and innocent bystanders are affected by this and who are they the animals and many are afraid to come inside for what's happened they rather be out in the cold and I noticed people were pouring stuff in their beds they were pulling stuff on them it's been hell but they have done to these animals and me they want me to respond to it it's been hell but what it did for me it's open my eyes up to see what group of people are worth my time and who are not and it's not about race or gender or age sexual precious and financial status it's about the charactershttps://www.break.ma/post/1825456