Stacey Adams is a lair!

@WayneBender: Six of your cousins got Arrested, that night..

@TrumpandEpsteinlikeyoungGir: They are yours! It's Biden who into girls. Likes sniffing little girl hair, like children rubbing his hairy legs and takes shower's with his daughter. But what do you expect from a Woke Leftist Extremist Democrat's. Stones are smarter than you!

@WayneBender: my comment said that those were your cousins who got Arrested, and you started talking about Joe Biden and a bunch of other Crap.. What does your cousins being Arrested have to do with PRESIDENT BIDEN? I guess you couldn't think of anything intelligent to say.. Heh Heh Heh..

@Wayne Bender: and she's a racist idiot

@TrumpandEpsteinlikeChildren: Because Biden said so in a video!!!!

@TrumpandEpsteinlikeChildren: Another Woke Leftist Extremist Democrat's. That stone is smarter than him. Maybe you can get your cousins to explain it to you!

@TrumpandEpsteinlikeChildren: I don't know what you are talking about. About what exactly? If my cousins actually read that. I have no clue what they would do to you.

@WayneBender: those six people who got Arrested are not my people..